Anyone whoʼs heard of Minnesota winter knows its not much good for anything other than bundling in more layers than your body will allow you to wear, dreaming about that one other season called “Not Winter,” and waiting for cabin fever to set in. Yet in 2001 one of those cold January days ignited a fire under the feet of Josh Larabee and his father. They spent an entire day trying to solve an issue that plagued the wear and tear work that wood splitting had on their bodies. In that one goal focused day, their ideas and experimentation paid off, and the Intvertasplit, a unique log splitting powerhouse, was born using the concept of a “tube within a tube” as an add-on to Joshʼs mini-excavator. Their passion for wood splitters has now spanned over a decade as they live, eat, and breathe the business. With an interest in keeping their log splitters built in the good old USA, Josh Larabee and his wife Christina still run the business in their hometown of Stacy, MN.

Tempest Wood Splitters, Inc., has proudly grown in to a company with the keen eye for development and a mind for the advancement of their designs. In 2010 they introduced their first commercial wood splitter the EF-4 a seriously brute design that now supports many bundle wood and firewood businesses. Their enhancements include the having the log lift on the side you work on, an increase in height to avoid back breaking work, and flawless power coat on each product, leaving you with a highly advanced and passionately refined product; the best your money can buy. Please take a look around at the current products available, but we guarantee once you see the high quality wood splitters being produced, you wonʼt look anywhere else.


Tempest Woodsplitters have specialty accessories that create a more efficient workflow. Click this link to find out how your work day can end even earlier with these necessary wood splitting accessories.


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